In 2014, we started working with a group of chronically homeless adults who were sleeping rough in the Hamilton central business district.

Today, most of the people who were in this group are no longer homeless. Word got around. The People’s Project, using Housing First, works.

Since then we have supported many more single adults and families with children into homes of their choice.

For many who have been chronically homeless, housing is just the beginning – it’s the start of something new.  We continue to work alongside people to provide ongoing wrap-around support to sustain their tenancy, access the services they need to improve their health and wellbeing, and reconnect with our community.

Here's how we're doing today...

August 2014 - 25 November 2017






Adults and families with children

...of the 470 households

Client profile


33% families

41% single male

26% single female

Single males and families account for nearly three-quarters of the people we've worked with to date. There are 374 children who are a part of the 157 families who now have a permanent place to call home. We are also working with many single females who were homeless.

Acuity of homelessness - 31 September


56% transitional

37% episodic

7% chronic

While chronic and episodically homeless people don't quite account for half of those we work with, it is here we spend most of our time, providing wrap-around support to ensure people can maintain their tenancies and start to work on their broader health, well-being and life goals.
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Housing type


68% private

26% Housing New Zealand

6% other

Landlords are an incredibly important partner for us. Most of the housing we source for our clients is from the private rental market. Just over a quarter (26%) is from Housing New Zealand and a small number of houses are provided by community housing providers such as LinkPeople.

Self-directed with assistance



In addition to the 844 single adults and families with children we have supported, we have provided assistance to hundreds more people, who needed some help finding a home.