Our teams

The People’s project team brings together a unique combination of experience and expertise in social work, psychology, occupational therapy, mental health and addictions.

We believe in upholding the mana of everyone.

Housing is worked on as the first priority. We then ‘wrap around’ health, addictions, employment, income and other support services for each person, if and as required. We’re here for as long as we are needed to help people sustain their tenancies. This involves working alongside other organisations committed to ending homelessness, using a ‘one plan’ approach.

The People’s Project is led by Wise Group joint chief executive Julie Nelson.


Our Hamilton team is: service manager Kerry Hawkes, team leaders Sam Morton and Dave Stewart, strategic analyst Carole McMinn, warehouse manager Chris Smith and case workers Lloyd Tuhakaraina, Carlene Wright, Tania York, Jackie Jovaris, Deborah Wallace, Nick Shoston and Moses Simpson. Ben Eadie and Heidi Holman (absent) also join the team from the Waikato District Health Board’s Community Mental Health and Addictions Service.

L-R: Lloyd, Carlene, Carole, Tania, Jackie, Nick, Deborah, Dave, Julie (Wise Group), Sam, Kerry, Lisa, Kati, Ben (Waikato DHB), Chris and Moses.


Our Tauranga team is: service manager Simone Cuers and case workers Paul Mason, Kevin England, Maxine Reriti, Nicole Duncan and Lori Howells. The team is supported by Christine Dryland who manages the front of house office and administration requirements.

L-R: Paul, Kevin, Simone, Nicole, Maxine, Lori, Christine. Photo courtesy of Plenty Magazine.

“My daughter and me were in desperate need of support to find affordable housing… I really don’t know what we would have done without you guys.”

Unite against COVID-19: We are operating under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system).

People experiencing homelessness can still phone us in HAMILTON on 0800 437 348 or TAURANGA on 0800 198 010 for advice and support. Gentle reminder that masks are mandatory, and social distancing and hand sanitising are required for office visits.