We've been operating in Tauranga since June 2019. The figures below represent the team’s current caseload. The success of Housing First is its effectiveness in ending people’s homelessness. This outcome is measured by the proportion of people we work with who remain in their homes. The international findings are that between 80 and 88 per cent of people in Housing First programmes, will remain in their homes.

In addition to the outcomes below, we've also provided assistance to another 147 people with advice and guidance to help find a home.


active clients


people housed


remain housed

...of the 31 households

Client profile - Housed

68% Single males

32% Single females

The team is currently working with adults who have been rough sleeping in Tauranga. Males account for two-thirds of the people we work with, and one-third are single females.

Acuity of homelessness

0% Transitional

0% Episodic

100% Chronic

Our contract determines who we work with, and at the current time we are specifically funded to work with people who have been chronically homeless. Chronic homelessness is defined by a combination and presence of a number of factors including rough sleeping/unsheltered homelessness, length of time a person has been homeless, and the prevalence of multiple and complex needs.

Housing type

94% Private

6% Housing New Zealand

Housing stock in Tauranga is our biggest challenge. All our clients would move into a home today if the housing was available. Many clients qualify for and are on the register for public housing, but demand for public housing in Tauranga is very high. That's why private landlords are an incredibly important partner. We sincerely thank the Tauranga landlords who are supporting The People's Project.