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14 January 2019
From time-to-time we come across stories from overseas that resonate with our work and also inspire the work we do. We know housing breaks the cycle of homelessness, and employment can help break the cycle of poverty. We're having discussions about what more we can do to support people into employment after they move from the streets into their own home; it’s just the start of a bigger focus around people, wellbeing and the ability to live a great life. Check out this story from the UK about an organisation that is helping homeless people from the streets into employment.Read more
17 December 2018
Inspiring acts of generosity by Waikato school children have left The People’s Project Hamilton team reassured that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well as we head into what can be a difficult season for the community’s most vulnerable people.Read more
4 May 2018
The Government’s announcement this morning to significantly invest in Housing First recognises the work of services such as The People’s Project in Hamilton, and the significant work happening within other Housing First services throughout the country.Read more