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Daily Encourager: Permanent homes a game changer, study finds

6 June 2024

This story was published by Daily Encourager on June 4, 2024.

Providing homeless people with permanent housing together with wrap-around support, dramatically reduces interactions with hospitals, police and the courts, a University of Otago-led study has concluded.

It confirms what many working at the housing coalface have been saying. Lead researcher and Otago University Professor, Nevil Pierse, hopes the Government will draw on the study’s results when making decisions about housing.

The study showed the largest decrease was in mental health residential bed nights, followed by hospitalisations and interactions with police.

The only increase was in income, as people received the correct benefits and some moved into paid work, showing that good support and stable housing can help people rejoin the workforce.

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Early morning outreach across Hamilton is an important part of The People’s Project’s mahi, to connect with anyone the team finds sleeping rough or in vehicles, and to offer them support if they want it