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The Bay of Plenty Times interviewed Darren recently. Darren uses food banks because after he pays rent, utilities and debts, he has about $25 left to live on.

We think everyone would agree that this just isn’t right – but unfortunately it is not unusual for the people we work with, and Darryl is one of those people in Tauranga.

Rents are high and many people have debts to mobile shopping trucks and pawn shops.

We have a long way to go to address poverty, which is one of the drivers of homelessness in New Zealand.  We are pleased to see Government reviewing the predatory practices of mobile shopping trucks, which prey on the most vulnerable New Zealanders.

People also tell us that after they have a home, they want to give back, and they want purpose in their lives and a reason to get out of bed – essentially, they want to work, just like Darren.

We think Darren is pretty courageous sharing his story, which you can watch on the Bay of Plenty Times website.

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