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Mohi has a term of endearment for The People’s Project, whose office is located in Garden Place Hamilton; he calls them “the angels from the Garden of Eden”.

Mohi has spent many years homeless, living on and off the street. This year The People’s Project introduced themselves and asked if he’d like a home.

“Well, I’d never heard of them before, and didn’t know them or what they were about or even what to expect, and at the first meeting I was like, what the …. Is going on here?” Mohi said.

“But they gave me a quick run-down on what they are all about and what my best options were. And what I got from that was ‘come hold our hand, we are going to take you through this process. It will take a wee while, you just have to persevere, and we will catch you if you start to fall.’”

And while it all started with some “idle talk”, when the team started working alongside Mohi, they did what they said they would; at the end of March 2019, Mohi moved into a home of his own.

“The whiteware arrived on Thursday and on Friday more stuff, beautiful stuff, arrived for me to unpack – too much to even list.  I needed a rest from unpacking so I had shower and started reflecting on the past few months – and it was just so overwhelming, I cried and cried.

“There was more water coming out of my eyes than the shower.”

But, Mohi said, the tears were not because there was pain in his heart; they were tears of love for all the “angels”.

He said the past 17 or 18 years have been a big mountain that he has had to continuously climb.

“I used to think you have got to help yourself because no-one else will, but I was wrong, there are angels (people) in Hamilton in Garden Place who believe in me, and who’ve helped me believe in myself so that I can persevere.

“I took their hand, held on to it tightly and didn’t fall over.”

Unite against COVID-19: We are now under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system).

People experiencing homelessness can still phone us in HAMILTON on 0800 437 348 or TAURANGA on 0800 198 010 for advice and support. Gentle reminder that masks are mandatory and social distancing, sanitising, COVID tracer app or recorded visit are required for office visits.