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The People’s Project helped George turn his life around, starting with a warm, safe home and then linking him to the services he needed.

George never wanted to live on the streets. But he was hanging out with the wrong people, his benefit had stopped because he’d missed his appointments with WINZ, he had no money and he didn’t know how to get help or who he could turn to.

“I lived on the streets for about 12 months. I didn’t like it. I was getting into trouble. I was eating out of the rubbish bins because I didn’t have any money.”

“I was isolating myself but I didn’t know how to get a place, I didn’t know how to get help. I was sleeping outside the church but I’d have to leave early in the morning before people showed up.”

George says it’s a stroke of luck that he found The People’s Project while hanging out in Victoria Street and he went in.

He says it’s turned his life around – that they haven’t just helped him find a home, they’ve helped him in all areas of his life.

“They have helped me a lot. They helped me get my own place. They put me in touch with the right people. They helped me sort out the trouble I was having with WINZ. I used to drink a lot but I don’t now. I used to smoke dope but I don’t anymore. They got me in contact with a doctor and helped me get help with alcohol and drugs.”

George says The People’s Project have helped him to start again.

He’s been in his flat since September 2014 and he’s looking forward to getting back into work as a labourer when his shoulder injury heals.

He says he tries to help others now and points them in the direction of The People’s Project office.

Life is looking pretty sweet. “I’ve got my own place now. I know who to get in contact with if I need help. And I’m staying away from the wrong crowds.”

Unite against COVID-19: We are now under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system).

People experiencing homelessness can still phone us in HAMILTON on 0800 437 348 or TAURANGA on 0800 198 010 for advice and support. Gentle reminder that masks are mandatory and social distancing, sanitising, COVID tracer app or recorded visit are required for office visits.